MB TechStart

Morales Brands has developed, as part of our mission, a foundation of support to founders and entrepreneurs required to created the next wave of companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, DoorDash, etc. We have formulated various programs to help entrepreneurs currently pursuing their academic goals turn their ideas from concepts into reality.

What Morales Brands Offers

Morales Brands offers under its MB TechStart program an opportunity for increadibly talented developers between the ages of 18-25 to launch their startups with up to $250,000 in funding and/or resources.

Funding and Resources

The chosen applicants will receive funding and/or resources valued at up to $250,000 in an uncapped convertable note. Upon completion of the program, applicants will continue to have access to Morales Brands resources and will be eligible for additional funding and/or resources.


The chosen applicants will work with the Morales Brands investment and operating team. In addition to regular check-ins with Morales Brands partners, we will host office hours with our extended network.

Who Should Apply

To qualify for MB TechStart you must be between the ages of 18-25, a resident of United States, Canada, or United Kingdom, and actively working on the project in a technology related industry. These projects can be software as a service related (think Uber, Instagram, TikTok, AirBnB) or physical technologies (IoT, devices, industrial). An offically formed company is not required to apply, upon acceptance into the program Morales Brands will assist in launching the offical company.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted all year. At the end of each month all applications are reviewed. Qualified applicants will be selected to move on to the next stage for an in-depth review and will be scheduled with you to meet or discuss your application. Each quarter Morales Brands may then select 1 or more projects to move forward with. Applications that qualified but did not get selected can reapply for the next round.

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